09 Sep 2010

Google: Popular web host plagued by security threats

A recent report in Computerworld reveals the popular web hosting company Media Temple and its 350,000 domains are wrought with internet security threats, according to Google's Safe Browsing tool.

Google Safe Browsing diagnostics discovered 12,423 of Media Temple's more than 66,000 websites were infected with "suspicious content" in the past 90 days, according to Computerworld. Media Temple hosts more than 350,000 domains for high-profile partners including ABC, Adobe, NBC, Sony, Time, Toyota and Volkswagen, among others.

The company insists it is doing all it can to squash the threats.

"Our scanner and cleanser system has fixed hundreds of sites automatically for infected customers," Media Temple told Computerworld in an interview.

One theory for the reason behind Media Temple's many threats is that it predominantly uses WordPress, according to Computerworld. WordPress is a favorite application for hackers to target.

But Media Temple isn't alone in the discerning eye of Google's Safe Browsing tool. The Register recently reported the BBC's Radio 3 website was deemed a "Reported Attack Page" by Google. The computer giant said four of the 15 Radio 3 pages it tested over the past 90 days came back with suspicious content.