12 May 2011

Google Chrome web browsers hacked by security firm

While Google’s Chrome browser has yet to receive a full onslaught of attacks by cyber criminals, a French internet security firm recently discovered the first-known exploit of the browser.

However, the company has not released the details to Google, instead of choosing to sell the details to its government clients. The security firm released a video detailing the process of hacking Chrome.

"We did not send the technical details to Google, and they did not ask us to do so," CEO Chaouki Bekar wrote in an email. "All users of Chrome should be aware now that this browser can be hacked despite its famous sandbox and despite all the marketing that Google has been doing around its security."

Google’s sandbox technology prevents cyber criminals from exploiting the browser, but, according to Bekar, there are several vulnerabilities associated with Chrome - a memory corruption and the ability to bypass the sandbox technology to execute a final payload.

According to a report by Unisys, potential cyber security threats is on the minds of Americans, as internet security concerns increased by 35 percent since August, reaching its highest levels since the WikiLeaks incident.