11 Jan 2012

Google Chrome amps up security

In an effort to increase internet security, Google Chrome released a patch to get rid of some high-risk viruses. The browser is also releasing a "safe browsing" feature called Chrome 17, according to the company's blog.

"On the security front, improvements to Chrome’s Safe Browsing technology should help protect you from additional types of malware attacks," the company said on the Chrome blog. "Previously, Chrome focused primarily on protecting you from sites that would exploit your computer with no user interaction required. Now, we’re seeing an increase in malicious websites that try to convince you to download and run a file that will harm your computer. Some websites even pretend this malicious file is a free anti-virus product."

Bay Area NBC affiliate KNTV said Chrome is now used by more than a quarter of internet browsers and is becoming a bigger target for malware and viruses. The company will have to become better at patching and keeping viruses away from users.

Google reminds users on the blog that no one is every completely protected online, which is a good indication to users that they should still keep antivirus software and internet security software running in Chrome.