18 Oct 2011

Google and Citizens Advice Bureau launch online safety campaign

A new campaign by Google and the Citizens Advisory Bureau gives advice on how to better internet security and protect against viruses, phishing and other maladies of the internet.

The campaign, titled Good to Know, will be launched across public transportation, online, newspapers, magazines and other areas. With the launch comes a website that tries to help people understand the risks of browsing the internet. Advertisements warn not to reply to suspicious emails, to look out for certain email addresses and to know what is secure and what is not.

"When you go into a branch of your bank, you recognize the official staff by their name, their uniforms and the services they offer you. Having this level of reassurance shouldn't be any different for online banking or other sensitive services," said a joint statement from Google and Citizens Advice.

The campaign also advises always signing out of accounts on websites and shutting down the browser. Gillian Guy, the chief executive of the Citizens Advice Council, told The Guardian that her group is all about simple advice, so helping people with internet security is in their wheelhouse.