29 Jan 2014

German Government and Federal Intelligence Service Sued over NSA spying

The German Government and the German Federal Intelligence Service are facing legal action from several organizations in relation to the NSA’s data collection program in Europe, according to CIO.

Both of them allegedly aided the NSA spying campaign and received specialized software from the agency.

"We will send the legal action to the authorities next Monday," said Constanze Kurz, spokeswoman for the Chaos Computer Club. “There are several persons as well as organizations which are suing our government and other named persons in charge."

The legal actions are based on the alleged collaboration between NSA and German Government and Intelligence Service. They are being sued for “doing nothing” to protect the German people against the spying campaign.

Kurz stated that they will have a legal complaint summarizing more than 50 pages by Monday. Kurz is also a complainant in the GCHQ lawsuit from the European Court of Human Rights.