14 Apr 2014

German Aerospace Center Systems Found Infected with Spying Malware

The computers used by scientists and administrators from the German Aerospace Center were found infected with spying malware in an apparent cyber attack, according to German Magazine, Der Spiegel.

The German Aerospace Center deals with information on rocket technologies and armament and is Germany’s top research center for aerospace, energy and transportation.

Trojans and spyware were found in what is believed to be a cyber-espionage attack launched by a foreign intelligence agency.

Forensic investigators concluded that attack  was sophisticated because it impacted all operating systems. Also the malware is said to have been programmed to self-destroy to stay incognito.

Germany’s Federal Office for Online Security (BSI) found Chinese characters in the Trojans code and typos that suggested the attacker was from China.

Der Spiegel was told by someone familiar with the investigation that the true attackers may have planted clues to conceal their identity. The US National Security Agency is also said to be among the suspects.