16 Dec 2010

Gawker hacked, millions of passwords stolen

Gawker.com, a popular gossip website, was recently hacked. The hacker accessed Gawker’s commenter database, compromising about 1.5 million accounts. The hacker had access to passwords, email addresses, usernames and personal details.

Gawker posted an alert at the top of its webpage, urging users to change their passwords, especially if they share passwords with other websites. The alert came too late for some users. Twitter was hit with a deluge of spam messages in an attack that was tied to Gawker’s hacking incident, both companies confirmed.

The hack caused a ripple effect around the internet. Both Yahoo and Blizzard Entertainment, which runs [manufacturer of] World of Warcraft, issued password resets to numerous accounts in case they re-used their Gawker login information.

The FBI recently announced that it is investigating the attack, which was allegedly performed by a group called Gnosis.

Gnosis might not be done attacking Gawker. In an interview with TheDailyBeast.com, one member of the group claimed that there was another hole in Gawker’s site that the group intends to “revisit” in the future.