21 Oct 2011

Gadhafi's death pictures bring computer viruses

According to the Technorati blog, the death of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi has brought on an internet security breach that should have users firing up their antivirus software. Graphic images and video's showing the ruler's death may include a virus.

The email being sent around pretends to be a picture from AFP of Gadhafi's death, but attached to the email is a .rar file that contains a virus. The blog said while there are legitimate pictures of Gadhafi out there, users should be careful at which links they click on and what they end up downloading.

For users who receive the email, the attachment it contains is typically called BloodPhotos_Gadhafi_death.rar. Users should delete any such emails upon receiving them.

The New York Daily News said pictures of Gadhafi's death were taken by witnesses in Libya. The ruler was captured alive and everything was played out "in real time" in both videos and picture. The news source quoted Danielle Pletka of the Foreign and Defense Policy Studies at American Enterprise Institute who said everyone has cell phones, so there were more pictures. Internet users should have antivirus software updated just in case they happen to click on the wrong link.