03 Mar 2011

Frost & Sullivan releases cyber security study

Frost & Sullivan recently released a new study regarding the state of cyber security worldwide.

Cyber Security - From Luxury to Necessity provides insight on different cyber attacks, as each presents its own issues to governments across the globe.

The key threats included in the study are botnets, denial of service, external access, hacking, key stroke logging, malware and phishing.

The study provides a percentage breakdown of how much certain regions spent on cyber security in 2010. North America accounted for 38 percent, the Asia-Pacific region 26 percent and Western Europe 27 percent of total spending on cyber security.

Also, a graphic shows what percentage was spent on each security solution, including 41 percent on network security, 18 percent on security operations, 18 percent on data security and 15 percent on identity and access controls.

"Although cyber terrorists and nation-states may be more malicious and destructive than other hackers, all rely on the same methods and vulnerabilities to penetrate computer systems," said the report.

According to a recent Computer Security Institute survey of security program managers, 45.6 percent said they had been targeted at least once in the past 12 months.