08 Mar 2011

Friendly hackers are not able to help federal government

Friendly hackers who could potentially help the U.S. Department of Homeland Security are unable to because of outdated policies, according to former DHS secretary Tom Ridge.

According to estimates, the federal government needs tens of thousands of cyber security experts, but hackers may be skeptical of working for the government.

Current DHS secretary Janet Napolitano recently granted the department direct authority to hire 1,000 cyber security specialists to help fill the void.

President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address shed light on some of these regulation issues. The president wants to eliminate outdated policies and consolidate certain areas of the government to improve overall functionality.

“The [regulations] are written to the extent where, we're not really going to trust people in the private sector because, heaven forbid, they might be financially advantaged either with a contract or just general information,” said Ridge.

Though the government may lack the necessary cyber experts, it is still investing heavily in the area of concern. Recently, the Department of Defense invested $500 million for additional research and technology to provide greater security against cyber threats.