28 Feb 2012

Free antivirus software doesn't impress enterprises

While many consumers have given free antivirus software a run with mixed results, it seems enterprises are a bit more wary when it comes to recommending free antivirus software for the entire company.

One CEO of a security company said IT managers who recommend less-known brands that allow infections to affect the company could get fired.

"As free AV gains popularity, could [other antivirus companies] ever be chased from their top spots in the enterprise?" Matthew Schwartz asked on InformationWeek. "No doubt they'll see more competition, and from an enterprise standpoint - value, features, ease of use - competition is always a very good thing."

Another area that has seen some resistance to free antivirus software has been the mobile industry. Areport called "Are Free Android Scanners Any Good?" by AV-Test, stated that on the whole, these products don't work well.

Whether it's mobile users or companies looking for free antivirus software or internet security programs, they may want to take a look at the entire industry and see the benefits of programs that may require a bit of an investment. Programs that don't work could cost thousands of dollars in the way of fixing a breach, which may make a user regret not investing in a quality program earlier.