09 May 2011

Fox Network’s X Factor experiences data breach

Fox Network’s television show the X Factor has reportedly been attacked by hackers, compromising the information of thousands of the show’s contestants, according to a recent report by the Daily Star.

The database attacked by the hackers contained personal information about the show’s 250,000 contestants, including names, dates of birth, genders, email addresses and phone numbers.

The network has assured that no Social Security or financial information was obtained as a result of the attack, but has warned of possible scams by cyber criminals posing as Fox executives.

“If you receive an email that appears to be from Fox.com or 'The X Factor' asking for personal information, please delete it, as it did not come from us,” the company said in an email to contestants.

Last month, an internet security company released a report revealing that daily web-based attacks increased 93 percent from 2009 to 2010. In total, 286 million new threats occurred as a result of cyber criminals, while the average number of identities exposed during a data breach is more than 260,000.