13 Mar 2012

Finland may have 'cleanest' computers

A Norwegian internet security company said that when it came down to which nation had the "cleanest" computers, Finland came out on top. A little more than 24 percent of PCs in Finland were infected by a virus.

According to a study by Microsoft last year, Finland is confirmed to have a very low virus rate with 1.2 viruses per 1,000 machines. An additional survey by a Brussels think tank said Finland was just behind Israel in terms of being prepared for a cyber attack, according to MSNBC.

Other countries in the top 10 included Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Puerto Rico and Sudan. Myanmar was also in the top 10, which MSNBC said could mean that fewer links to the internet mean a much lower virus rate.

"That hypothesis would certainly be supported by the ranking of totally-wired South Korea as the world's second 'dirtiest' country in terms of malware, with more than half of its PCs infected," MSNBC's Security News blog said. "Other studies have put South Korea tops in broadband penetration and speed, but then again 'clean' countries such as the Nordics and the Netherlands aren't far behind in being technology forward."

Whether in a clean country or not, people should look to invest in antivirus software to stay safe online.