19 Dec 2011

Final Fantasy creators get hit by hackers, 1.8 million users affected

Popular video game producer Square Enix was suspended in the United States and Japan after a hacker was able to access servers that held data of 1.8 million video gamers. Internet security precautions should be taken by the company to help protect its users after this breach.

"We are yet to learn whether illegal access was gained to our clients' information," a spokeswoman for Square Enix said. "But we have asked our customers to be aware of the incident in case they receive suspicious messages using our name."

The servers affected by the shutdown are said to have login names and email addresses to about a million Japanese players of the game and 800,000 American players. The 300,000 European users were not affected by the breach, the company said, adding that the attackers were not able to get any personal information for any of the users thus far.

An email was sent to users explaining what happened. This is the second time the company has been hacked, as they were taken for 25,000 customer email addresses and 250 applicant resumes. Square Enix should take precautions by installing a better internet security system.