09 Jan 2012

FBI warns of bank account phishing email

People who access their bank accounts should have antivirus software ready to go either way, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation now warns that an email going around tries to phish personal information from people. The scam says the email is either from the National Automated Clearing House Association, the Federal Reserve Bank or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and has a virus that allows access to online bank accounts.

"The malware is appropriately called 'Gameover' because once it’s on your computer, it can steal user names and passwords and defeat common methods of user authentication employed by financial institutions," the FBI said on the website. "And once the crooks get into your bank account, it’s definitely 'game over.'"

This email includes a link to a page that will supposedly help the recipient fix a problem, but the FBI said the actual link goes to a phony website that downloads the virus onto the user's computer.

Zeus malware is used in this virus, according to the FBI, which was created to specifically target banking information. Users should have internet security software and take precaution with email.