05 Feb 2014

FBI Agents Uncovered by Anonymous Slovenia

The Slovenian branch of hacktivist group Anonymous claims to have hacked the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and leaked sensitive information of some 68 FBI agents, according to ibtimes.co.uk.

Two governmental domain servers were targeted and hackers accessed information from seven open ports on the servers.

Email addresses and passwords were collected and published in plain text on Pastebin, an online storage site used by cyber-attackers. The Pastebin link was posted on the group’s Facebook Page, with the message "Laughing at your security."

The post also includes a profile of FBI director James Brien Comey Jr., including his date of birth, his home address and phone number, his educational background and even the geographical coordinates of his residence.

Two internal FBI websites are also on the list, the FBI's Virtual Academy website and the FBI Agents Association site.

The FBI has not made any comments on this subject