05 Jan 2012

Fake Twitter post saying Castro is dead is a virus

Proving that antivirus software is necessary for those who surf social media websites that can double as news aggregates, reports show that a Twitter post saying Fidel Castro is dead is a virus. People should use caution when clicking on any link provided on Twitter.

The Twitter post included a picture of Castro, who took over Cuba in the 1950s until handing over control to his brother in 2006, according to the New York Daily News. The message claimed to show Castro dead in a casket.

The New York Daily News said an email saying "Fidel is Dead" made the rounds in August, as well. That email included an video that is said to have infected computers when it was played. The news source said fake deaths are a way viruses are spread on Twitter, as people previously have claimed Jon Bon Jovi was dead, as well. The Miami New Times said people living in the city have an easier time determining Castro hoaxes.

"?Living in Miami actually makes it much easier to quickly judge whether reports of Fidel Castro's demise are true," Tim Elfrink writes. "Just open your window: Are horns honking? Are fireworks exploding?"

Antivirus software should be a precaution for anyone surfing social media networks.