21 Dec 2010

Fake Facebook alert promotes false app, contains spam

Facebook has more than its share of spam and malware. Much of it spreads by offering users apps that claim to offer services that Facebook does not actually allow. One recently discovered fake app spreads in this fashion, luring users under the guise that they will be able to see who has removed them from from their Facebook friends list.

The “Who Deleted Ya” spamware attracts users with the message "i cant believe how many people av removed me from your friends list! well i kno who you all r now, & im coming 2 get ya!” [sic] The message is accompanied with a link to the supposed app.

In reality, the link takes users to a site that promises them a free iPad or iPhone, provided they fill out a survey. According to Switched.com, filling out the survey earns the spammer a commission.

While Who Deleted Ya is not as malicious as similar Facebook spam, it spreads quickly, posting links on the walls of a user’s Facebook friends if they access the link.

Facebook spam is a major issue for the site’s users. According to a survey by F-Secure, 78 percent of Facebook users consider spam a problem, while 49 percent say they frequently see suspicious links in their news feeds.