14 Jan 2014

Facebook Users Targeted by `Profile Visitor’ Malicious Application and Survey Scam

A new malicious “Profile Visitor” software and survey scam are targeting Facebook users in a new variant of the ubiquitous “See Your Stalkers” Facebook scam, according to Hoax-Slayer.

The spam message invites users to complete a survey to download the malicious “Profile Visitor” software.

“Some require users to supply their name, address and phone numbers in order to participate,” the article said. “Fine print on the page states that the details submitted will be shared with other marketers who will use it to send advertising emails and letters and make promotional phone calls.”

Here is an example: “Profile Visitors for facebook, is a simple extension that let's you see, who visited you on Facebook! Finally know who has some interest in you!”

Users will also need to install a Facebook application for the “Profile Visitor” to work. In the end, users will never download it because it does not exist.