05 Oct 2011

Facebook users could be attacked by malicious ads

A malicious ad virus, or "malvertising," has recently popped up on Facebook, according to news sources. Those who browse the popular social networking website should make sure their antivirus software is on and updated.

PCWorld said the attacks are usually a result of lax background screening practices on behalf of advertising networks or the advertising-sales team. Attackers will impersonate advertisers in order to get their ads approved and later swap them with a malicious code set to attack users' computers.

In the case of the Facebook virus, users were directed to a page that loaded Java and ActiveX exploits. Facebook has been hit with these attacks before by rouge applications and spam campaigns. The design of the website's platform allows for advertisers to post malware ads if they wish to do so.

Users should do a better job of updating their antivirus software and internet security systems to help fight off attacks such as this one. Since Facebook is such an open platform that everyone has access to, it is up to the website's users to take their computer's fate into their own hands.