25 May 2010

Facebook offers yet another 'sexy' malware video

A new malware scam, similar to recent ones, has appeared on Facebook, according to eSecurityPlanet. The new scam involves a video file posted to a user's wall that depicts a woman in a bathing suit and reads "Distracting Beach Babes." A similar scam occurred recently with a video of a woman on an exercise bike that encouraged users to click on the 'sexy' video.

If users click on the file, they are prompted to update their video player in order to view the file within Facebook. Users that fall victim to this attempt and complete the installation are putting the Hotbar adware application on their system instead, as well as forwarding the video to every one of their contacts.

Since the wall post appears to be from a legitimate contact, users are more prone to follow the link, unaware of the malicious software threatening their system and internet security.

The increase in malware on Facebook continues the recent scrutiny that the site's security measures have come under.

"Isn't it time that Facebook set up an early warning system on its network, through which it can alert its almost 500 million users about breaking threats as they happen," said Graham Cluley, a senior technology consultant at Sophos, eSecurityPlanet relays.

Security firms recommend that any affected parties should change their Facebook password, run an antivirus scan on their PCs and review any and all applications installed recently.

Facebook has more than 400 million registered users and thus, has become an attractive avenue for cybercriminals. ADNFCR-3079-ID-19798027-ADNFCR