01 Dec 2010

Facebook hit with rogue malware apps

Facebook has recently been targeted by a variety of security threats, ranging from fake comments on photo pages to offers for non-existent apps that infect users with malware.

One of the most notable recent threats is a spam campaign that targets Facebook users’ photo pages. According to researchers from an antivirus company, spammers send users an email that appears to come from a friend’s email account.

The email contains a message that says the friend commented on one of the user’s photos. However, the link within the message redirects the user to a malicious website that infects their machine with malware.

Another recent spam attack uses a rogue app offers to infect computers. Facebook users receive an alert from their friends about an app that supposedly allows them to see who has viewed their profile. However, the link contains malware. Facebook does not allow users to view who accessed their profile and advises them to remove such alerts from their news feeds.

Facebook’s popularity has caused it to be targeted by several malware strains. The Koobface malware strain might have been the most dangerous, although it was dealt a severe blow when internet security researchers infiltrated and disabled its servers.