29 Dec 2011

Facebook attacks feed fraudulent marketing websites

Fraudulent affiliate marketing websites are getting the benefit of scams on Facebook, according to a new report from Commtouch. These links on Facebook and other social media websites can often spread malware and viruses, so members should use care and equip antivirus software to keep safe on the web.

Affiliate marketing websites are where about three-fourths of Facebook deceptions, the report said, as users are induced to click on links with fake applications, merchandise offers or recommendations from hacked friend. In 48 percent of the cases, users are responsible for distributing this fraudulent content by clicking "share" or "Like," the report said.

"Facebook scammers are out to make money, and affiliate marketing is a rich source," said Amir Lev, Commtouch's chief technology officer. "The same social engineering techniques that malware distributors and spammers have been using for years to induce people to open their unwanted mail or click on malicious links are being leveraged within Facebook and other popular social networks for ill-gotten gains."

People who use Facebook should be careful what they click on and be sure to install an antivirus program to protect themselves.