28 Apr 2011

eReaders hit with malware

It appears consumers with eReaders are being targeted by cyber criminals, according to a recent report by ZDNet.

Although the devices, such as Amazon’s Kindle, have limited web browsing capabilities, readers are being redirected by hotlinks within the text to malicious web pages. The malware does not affect the devices themselves, but if a reader clicks on the malicious links, they open themselves up to the possibility of being scammed.

With millions of titles to choose from, scammers are also submitting bogus eBook titles with little information that can be deemed useful. ZDNet’s David Chernicoff mistakenly downloaded one of these applications for nearly $3.00, which may not seem like much, but goes directly into the scammers’ pocket.

“Although I don’t expect Amazon to employ a corps of readers to evaluate the content of the eBooks that are found throughout the Kindle Store, it might behoove them to disable the ability to hotlink content from within these documents to minimize their potential as a vector for malicious software attacks,” wrote Chernicoff.

According to an internet security expert, if proper collaboration takes place across the IT industry, 90 percent of malware could be eliminated.