25 Oct 2011

Email that appears to be from IRS contains virus

According to news sources, an email that looks like it is from Internal Revenue Services contains a virus. Internet users should frequently update both their antivirus software and internet security measures to make sure these viruses do not harm their computer.

The email tells recipients that they have recalculated the amount they will need to pay on taxes. It contains an document that launches a program that says it has found viruses, otherwise known as scareware. Denzel Fearon, a member of the computer crimes unit of the New York State Police, told WALB-10 that the virus is "quite damaging."

"Money, that's what they want," Fearon said, adding that the attachment launches a fake antivirus program which claims to get rid of the virus. "It's very, very hard to remove this program without making that purchase."

WPXI.com said the email even has a IRS.gov domain name, but has nothing to do with the actual IRS. The news source quotes Dianne Besunder, a spokeswoman with the IRS, who said the IRS would never contact a taxpayer about money owed via email. She said any email that looks like this would most certainly be a scam.