12 Mar 2012

Email appearing to be from financial protection bureau a virus

Internet users have long been warned about installing antivirus software to help avoid viruses that don't appear to be viruses, and many in Allentown, Pennsylvania, may have received a first hand look at this, as an email appearing to be from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau contained a virus, according to the Morning Call.

The scammers were using the agencies name to scare residents into clicking a link in the email regarding complaints of "financial malpractice." Those who clicked on the link will receive a virus, according to the Better Business Bureau.

"These scam emails use the CFPB name and logo and contain the subject line 'Financial misconduct in your company,'" according to the Better Business Bureau. "The message informs recipients that the new bureau has found their business guilty of 'financial malpractice' and encourages them to respond to a consumer complaint. The link to the alleged complaint actually leads to a third-party website that downloads a virus on to users' computers."

Earlier this month, the Better Business Bureau in Charlotte, North Carolina, warned of a email looking like it came from them that contained a virus. Users who receive fake emails like this should run an antivirus program to make sure nothing is infected