31 Jan 2011

Egypt unrest producing cyber attacks

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of the political unrest in Egypt and targeting users both inside and outside the country.

Spammers and cyber criminals are using social networking and fake links to target internet users. Since the internet is currently blocked in Egypt, people are forced to use dial-up alternatives to share what is happening through social networking, making these alternatives more vulnerable.

With so many governments and people using the internet and mobile devices as vital tools for their everyday lives, they will continue to be targeted by cyber criminals looking to take advantage.

“The reason for the increase is simple, we are all putting more of our lives online, governments and general public are putting more of their critical infrastructure online so it is an ideal way to attack. It is more anonymous than storming physically, it is less of a risk and it is as, if not more disruptive than a physical protest because so many of us rely on those services," said James Lyne, senior technologist for an internet security firm.

Other attacks that are on the rise include hacktivism, which are groups initializing denial of service attacks against government websites to protest the internet block.