24 Oct 2011

Ecommerce businesses need to be aware of internet security issues

Even if your online shop has all of its bases covered, there could still be internet security issues to look out for, according to PCWorld's website. Jeremy Kirk said on the website that fraudsters are always on the look out for ways to exploit marketing campaigns and incentive programs.

Kirk points out one company that was giving a $5 incentive to people who referred their friends to sign up for an account. The company ended up giving away $8 million, about one-fourth of which went to one person in Eastern Europe, the website said. Laura Mather, founder and chief strategy officer for Silver Tail Systems, said there was no bug in the system and it was being used how it was intended.

"What happens in these cases, the marketing team that launches the program celebrates, and then the fraud team goes, 'I think we need to look at your data,'" Mather said, adding that the fraudster in this case registered a domain with multiple email addresses and registered all of them. In this case, internet security software that looked out for something such as this would be helpful.

Instead of building "bigger walls," John Parkinson, head of the global program management office at AXIS Capital, said on CIO Insight that internet security is more of a moving target with online businesses. He said each business needs to take responsibility for its own possible security breaches and problems carefully.