12 Feb 2014

Dutch Police Shut Down Clandestine Marketplace Utopia

The Dutch National Police seized Utopia, a hidden online marketplace used to promote the sale of illegal drugs, weapons and hacking tools, according to cio.com.

Utopia was launched a week ago and was accessible only through Tor, an anonymous open network that allows people to browse the web undetected.

According to deepdotweb.com, Utopia was meant to be the biggest competition for Silk Road, a virtual black marketplace shut down by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation in October 2013.

After Utopia was seized, a moderator of the Silk Road forums posted a message calling Utopia's closure "a serious blow to the dark web marketplace community." And encouraged them: "Show them that you, we, are a hydra -- cut off one head and ten more spring up.”

The number of arrests made and details of the seizure remain unknown. "We will share more information later this week," said Wim de Bruin, Public Prosecution Service spokesman.