04 Mar 2013

Dropbox Clients Spammed Again after Last Year's Hacking


Dropbox clients are once again targeted by a spam campaign after last year's hacking, though the file sharing service denies suffering a new data breach, according to ZDnet.

The company’s support forum has dozens of complaints of email spam for dedicated accounts associated with the service.

“I have an internal to my company email address that I used for Dropbox only and I am getting the same fake Paypal scam emails. This has been happening since about Monday,” one user complained. “If Dropbox was affected, they should have already announced this like Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest did.”

In a public posting, Dropbox representatives said they remain “vigilant given the recent wave of security incidents at other tech companies.”

This is the second spam campaign targeting Dropbox users after last year’s data breach. In August 2012, users from Germany, Holland and the UK complained about online casino and gambling spam from Dropbox-associated email accounts.

In July of last year, the file storage service suffered a data breach after it investigated suspicious incidents on its network. The company found usernames and passwords were stolen and several accounts were accessed in the cyber-attack.