23 Aug 2011

Documentary reveals Falun Gong attack

A recently released Chinese military propaganda video includes brief footage of a Chinese computer being used to attack a Falun Gong website via an American internet address.

Computer security experts have long suspected China has been orchestrating cyber attacks against the outlawed Falun Gong spiritual movement, but this footage provides the first direct evidence.

The documentary shows a screenshot of a computer running attack software. A user selects the target from a list of Falun Gong websites and clicks a button that says "Attack." The screenshot also reveals the program was developed by the Electrical Engineering University of China's People's Liberation Army.

The footage indicates the program was set up to attack the Falun Gong site through another website, belonging to the University of Alabama-Birmingham. A school official told the Epoch Times, which broke the story, that the web address in question had not been used since 2010.

Internet security professional Dmitri Alperovitch recently released a report detailing sophisticated malware attacks undertaken against major targets, including U.S. and South Korean government websites, since 2006. The report did not name a perpetrator, but experts surmised China was responsible. China denied the allegations.