29 Jun 2012

DNSChanger Still Infects Fortune 500 and Government Agencies

Four percent of major Government Agencies and 12 percent of Fortune 500 companies are still infected with DNSChanger, says Internet Identity (IID). With 10 days remaining until DNSChanger cuts off internet access to infected users, both consumers and institutions are still vulnerable.

If DNS settings are not patched before July 9th, users could be redirected to websites containing malware or even lose their internet connection. While this disruption may be unpleasant for the average user, companies have more to lose in terms of financial concerns, warns IID CEO, Lars Harvey.

“DNSChanger is an insidious form of malware affecting everyone from the everyday consumer to a large chunk of the Fortune 500,” says IID CEO, Lars Harvey. “By working together to pool collective intelligence on the latest security threats, enterprises can ensure DNS resolvers do not enable employees to visit Internet locations hosting malware like DNSChanger—protecting their customer confidence, revenue, intellectual property and much more. We look forward to working with enterprises to accomplish this.”

The top five countries affected by DNSChanger are the US, Italy, India, UK and Germany, with well over 270,000 users affected, says HitmanPro. Once the malicious DNS servers are taken offline, all of them will be affected in one way or another. Internet Service Providers, DNS Changer Working Group and Internet Identity offer their services to anyone infected with the malware.

Bitdefender Labs offers a DNSChanger Detector tool that enables users to detect and remove the malware from infected computers.