24 May 2011

Dix Communications websites hit by malware virus

A recent report by Fallnewspress.com confirmed that the web banner server on Dix Communications newspaper websites was recently attacked by a computer spyware virus.

"Unfortunately, malicious attacks like this are too common on the internet," said Andrew Dix, president of the internet division of Dix Communications. "The virus was identified and removed promptly, but illustrates the risks prevalent on the internet.

The malware downloaded itself onto Windows-based computers to steal data. Dix also stated that people with PCs and proper antivirus software should be able to prevent such attacks.

Dix Communications contacted the FBI regarding the malware attack and proper steps have been taken to improve its websites and users from future incidents, the report stated.

The amount of malware instances expected to occur during the first half of 2011 will reach 10 million, according to a recent report by an internet security company. Since malware is more difficult to detect than normal viruses, computer users should constantly update Windows and avoid websites that automatically run their own scripts without permission, the company stated.