17 Oct 2011

Different types of internet security needed

Although only one antivirus program is needed, Lincoln Spector of PCWorld said users need other programs that take care of other areas of internet security, such as a good firewall.

The website said there are other types of security software that users may want to look into other than antivirus programs, such as specialized programs to protect sensitive files and programs to help safely manage passwords. Spector said its also a good idea to frequently check on programs that are already being used to make sure they are working well.

"But no software is perfect, so it's a good idea every week or two to scan for malware with another program," Spector writes. "But you don't want another antivirus program; two of these running in the background at all times, doing the same job, is asking for trouble. You need an on-demand malware scanner - a program that only runs when you launch it and scans only when you ask it to."

The University of Pennsylvania's website said another good measure of internet security is to keep the operating system a computer runs on updated at all times with the latest patches. These patches include important updates that could save a computer from a virus attack.