02 Feb 2011

Department of Homeland Security invests in cyber security

Cyber security will be a priority for the Department of Homeland Security this year, representing a major part of the department's funding for fiscal 2011.

Insider threats, botnets, malware and research are some of the areas the DHS will focus on with a $40 million investment. The Comprehensive National Cyber Initiative will also be supported by the DHS with its goal to reduce cyber security threats moving forward.

Although the DHS has been investing heavily in cyber security in recent years, the agency is focusing on software assurance, enterprise-level security metrics, network resiliency and making security more user-friendly.

"The vision of the CNCI research community over the next 10 years is to transform the cyber-infrastructure to be resistant to attack so that critical national interests are protected from catastrophic damage and our society can confidently adopt new technological advances,” Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency said in its request for proposal.

Although the United States has yet to be hit hard by cyber attacks, the possibility is too great to ignore, especially in information systems and networks. Attacks are increasing in frequency and impact so protection is more vital than ever.