18 Feb 2011

Department of Defense establishes Cyber 3.0

The U.S. Department of Defense hopes to unite with private industries to combat cyber threats, according to Network World.

Known as Cyber 3.0, the DoD is implementing programs to help this effort, including adding more than $500 million for new research in cyber technologies. Other key areas include the Pentagon expanding its Information Technology Exchange Program, a program for maximizing the use of cyber expertise within the National Guard and Reserve.

According to Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn, the department must speed up its adoption of new technologies, since the Pentagon takes 81 months to field a new IT system. With the help of Silicon Valley, the gap must be closed to keep up with ever-changing threats.

"Through classified threat-based information, and the technology we have developed to employ it in network defense, we can significantly increase the effectiveness of cyber security practices that industry is already carrying out," said Lynn.

With the recent destruction of the Stuxnet virus, cyber security is a major issue for the U.S. military, as more than 100 foreign intelligence agencies have attempted intrusions on U.S. networks.