15 Jan 2014

DDoS Attacks Increasingly Use Mobile Applications

DDoS attacks will increasingly use mobile applications as they are vulnerable to malware and require minimal proficiency to use, according to Help Net Security. Nowadays, mobile devices and applications have grown in specifications and are widely available.

“Mobile devices add another layer of complexity,” said Stuart Scholly, president of Prolexic, a service dedicated to defending businesses from DDoS attacks. “Effective DDoS mitigation requires an additional level of fingerprinting and human expertise so specific blocking signatures can be developed on-the-fly and applied in real-time.”

In 2014, Low Orbit Ion Cannon, a commonly application used in DDoS attacks, may be ported more often for mobile devices. The increased number of devices on the market today facilitates large attacks against enterprise customers.

In the last months of 2013, attacks Prolexic mitigated had grown and peaked at a 179 Gbps - the largest one they encountered. The attacks occurred in the context of few over 100 Gbps attacks being mitigated by the company.