29 Jul 2011

Data breach affects 35 million in South Korea

Reports this week indicate that South Korea may have suffered its largest cyber attack ever when the popular social networking site Cyworld and search engine Nate were compromised by what are believed to be Chinese hackers.

The personal information for as many as 35 million users may have been stolen when the two sites, each owned by SK Communications, were attacked. It appears that data including names, email addresses and phone numbers were compromised but there is no indication that financial information was accessed.

According to the Korea Herald, the company claims the attack originated in China, but South Korean police have yet to confirm.

If this week's breach did come from China, it won't be the first time investigators believe a foreign entity is behind attacks originating outside of South Korea. Earlier this year, websites around the country were essentially shut down after a direct-denial-of-service attack lasting more than a week. It was later theorized that the DDoS came from a botnet run by North Korea or its sympathizers.