06 Apr 2011

Daily web-based attacks increased 93 percent in 2010

An internet security company recently released a report revealing that daily web-based attacks increased 93 percent during 2010 from the previous year.

In total, there were 286 million new threats produced by cyber criminals. It was also revealed that two-thirds of all web-based attacks were the result of toolkits, most notably, the Phoenix toolkit, accounting for 39 percent of the attacks. Other toolkits used by cyber criminals include NeoSploit and Nukesploit, which both accounted for 18 percent of attacks.

According to the report, the average number of identities exposed during a data breach is more than 260,000.

“Rustock, the largest botnet observed in 2010, had more than 1 million bots under its control at one point during the year,” the company stated. “Other botnets, such as Grum and Cutwail, followed with many hundreds of thousands of bots each.”

Last month, the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit reported that Rustock had been stopped. According to the report, DCU was able to stop the botnet with help from industry experts and from Operation b49 against the Waledac botnet.