14 Nov 2011

Cybercrime arrest could be a crime deterrent

Upon the arrest of a ring of internet cybercriminals who reportedly scammed more than $14 million from victims, one attorney said it could help stop internet security threats and cybercrime.

David Navetta, founder of Information Law Group, told BankInfoSecurity that the bust is a significant move for IT security and privacy. With a similar arrest taking place this summer in the Ukraine, Navetta said this can mean nothing but good things for the standard internet user and bad things for online scammers.

"This is a significant victory for law enforcement, and they should be applauded for the time, effort and attention to detail that it must have taken to bring this crime ring down," Navetta says told the website. But he wonders if it will make an impact down the road, comparing the fight against viruses to high-profile drug busts.

One thing that may help the fight, besides users being diligent in their use of antivirus programs, is groups such as one at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. CIO's website said the UAB Spam Data Mine worked with law enforcement to help catch the group of criminals last week.