08 Sep 2011

Cyber terrorism is serious threat to United States

The thoughts of terrorist attacks loom large around early September early year. Experts say cyber terrorism is a real threat that people need to take as seriously physical terrorism.

"Traditional terrorist groups and nation-states are able to fund the creation of extremely sophisticated attacks and technologies or tools to be used as weapons," Damon Petraglia, a director with Chartstone, a computer, network and digital forensic resource company, told the Security Daily News.

Petraglia also told the website that Pakistani hackers have been attacking computer in India since the early 2000s.

In the United States, cyber terrorism is being taken as a serious offense. A Southern California man has been sentence to six years in prison for infiltrating the computers of women and teenage girls.

The hacker, Luis Mijangos, found sexually explicit photos on some of the more than 100 computers he was able to access through sending malicious software disguised as popular songs or videos to the victims' computers.

Mijangos threatened the women that he would put the photos online unless they didn't supply him with more photos.