09 Jun 2011

Cyber criminals to target more smartphone users

With more smartphones and mobile devices accessible to cyber criminals, malware continues to be a concern. To shed light on the situation, an internet security company recently released a report to promote awareness of threats to mobile devices.

According to the report, although mobile devices are not the top priority of cyber criminals, the company expects significant growth in this area, especially against Android-powered smartphones.

There are several ways to protect against cyber threats, including utilizing a PIN or password, updating the operating system and software applications frequently and only downloading applications or services from a trusted source, the report stated.

"Enhancing the security of cell phones - through anti-malware, data protection, management and security audit functions - is a major challenge for any security department, and we must tackle this threat as soon as possible in order to help protect users' information and businesses," said Luis Corrons, technical director of the internet security company.

Android has already experienced a security breach that may have affected 260,000 devices. To ensure protection against phishing attacks and viruses, an internet security company recently released the beta version of its mobile security platform for Android-powered smartphones.