02 May 2011

Cyber criminals targeting Bin Laden searches

With the recent news of Osama Bin Laden’s death, cyber criminals are taking advantage of increased web searches regarding the story.

According to reports, malware scammers are contaminating searches and creating fake websites regarding news on Bin Laden to spread fake antivirus, codecs and other vulnerabilities. Some of the searches that are being targeted include “Osama Bin Laden Dead,” “Al Qaeda,” “Obama Address” and “Navy Seals.”

Google is currently preventing massive amounts of malicious links from hitting the internet by utilizing its new search algorithms. Some computers hit with the rogue antivirus software are slow and unresponsive, while some are unusable. If a computer is compromised, fake warnings are the most likely sign that it is infected, according to a report.

“'Within 24 hours we can expect in excess of 100 million spam emails,” Steve Martin, spokesman for an internet security company, told SecureComputing.

If proper collaboration takes place across the IT industry by utilizing cloud-based malware identification and information capabilities, 90 percent of malware could be eliminated, said an internet security expert.