13 May 2011

Cyber criminals target Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is considered to be the most popular card-giving holiday, but, as expected, cyber criminals targeted consumers with scams related to the day, according to an internet security company.

Phishing attacks targeted online retailers in an effort to mislead web users into accessing malware, rather than making a purchase from a retailer. Cyber criminals who use this tactic target credit card details and credentials. According to the company, websites with an “https” are most likely legitimate and websites without this domain are questionable.

Cyber criminals also establish fake shops to lure consumers to purchase products that are never delivered, only to put money in the hackers’ pockets.

“Shopping online is a great way to browse for the perfect gift without leaving the comfort of your home," said Catalin Cosoi, head of the firm’s online threats lab. "However, it's essential that users are aware of the potential dangers that cyber criminals pose.”

Once considered a low-level threat, phishing is becoming more dangerous. According to a recent report by Computerworld, cyber criminals are using the tactic to target high-level executives with personalized emails.