11 Oct 2010

Cyber criminals may turn attention to card data breaches

A debit card breach recently disclosed by the discount grocer Aldi may demonstrate how cyber criminals are turning their attention to data breaches.

Hackers gained access to an undisclosed number of Aldi customers' names, account data and personal identification numbers. Aldi stores in 11 states were affected by the breach.

Cyber criminals compromised point-of-sale terminals to steal the information. In this case, it appears the hackers used a transparent overlay to access the data before it was encrypted. There is also evidence to lead experts to believe the thefts were committed wirelessly from either inside the store or the parking lot.

Driving the trend is the ease of use and availability of of sophisticated counterfeit payment terminal kits designed for use in such schemes, according to an expert.

Internet security companies are coming across more sophisticated attacks all the time. Between the Stuxnet worm and a nearly flawless iTunes-targeted phishing attack, security experts are constantly trying to stay ahead of cyber criminals. Several firms have also cautioned that hackers may have more mobile malware in the works.