04 Oct 2011

Cyber crime hits 76 percent of UAE residents

Police are urging United Arab Emirates residents to increase internet security and learn about cyber crimes, according to an article on The National's website. A report claims 76 percent of residents were victims of cyber crime last year.

"Cyber crime reporting rates are very low," Lt Col Faisal Mohamed Al Shamari, the chief information security officer with Abu Dhabi Police, told The National. "We are looking at a reactive and proactive approach. We will have presentations dedicated to highlight awareness on how to report an incident on cyber crime."

The UAE ranks 36th globally in cyber crime activity, the news source said, and spends a lot of money each year fighting it. Authorities said it was important for residents to build their own line of defense. Shamari said the police are encouraging residents to report crime and encouraging them to understand technology and its challenges before starting to use it.

Two people fall victim to cyber crime every minute in the UAE, according to The Gulf Today, which highlights the need for residents to protect themselves with antivirus software.