02 Mar 2012

Cyber crime can be on par with terrorism, FBI chief says

Internet security may be one of the important issues in the world right now, as FBI director Robert Mueller warned people at the RSA Conference in San Francisco that the threat of cyber crime rivals terrorism as a national security threat.

"Technology is moving so rapidly that, from a security perspective, it is difficult to keep up," Mueller said, according to AFP, adding that the only way to combat this cyber crime is for police and private companies to join forces to stop these online criminals. "In the future, we anticipate that the cyber threat will pose the number one threat to our country."

Hackers are already forming alliances together, Mueller told the crowd[, according to the news source], so it follows that private companies and government officials should join forces to combat what could be brought against computer networks. There is now the ability for hackers to be able to shut down infrastructure if they hack into the right system, so the fight against cyber crime is extremely important for everyone.

InformationWeek highlighted Mueller's thoughts on how to fight cybercrime, saying that real-time sharing between agencies like the FBI and private companies can help shore up internet security.