24 Apr 2012

Cyber-Attack on Iran Targets National Oil Company

Iran’s national oil company has been the target of a malware attack that affected systems on the Kharg Island along with some of its other oil platforms.

No oil production losses have been reported and the affected equipment has been unplugged from active internet connections as a precaution. All email systems affiliated with the targeted terminals were also pulled offline, effectively severing all outside communications.

The same malware seems to have been responsible for bringing down the official website of the Iranian national oil company and for accessing some minor user information while damaging server-side data.

"This cyber attack has not damaged the main data of the oil ministry and the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) since the general servers are separate from the main servers, even their cables are not linked to each other and are not linked to internet service," Iranian oil ministry spokesman Alireza Nikzad told the Fars News Agency.

A crisis management committee has been alerted by the Iranian Ministry of Petroleum so that countermeasures preventing these types of attacks can be deployed in the future.