19 Oct 2011

Creators of infamous Stuxnet virus may have struck again

The New York Times reporteds that the designers of Stuxnet, a virus that infiltrated an Iranian nuclear site and infected tens of thousands of computers across the world last year, may have created a new virus. With Stuxnet still out there and a new virus created, computer users should have their antivirus software updated and ready to go.

The new malicious program is called Duqu and is intended to steal digital information, according to the news source. The program was found in Europe in a few organizations, including those that have been involved in manufacturing controls systems. The program has been designed to last 36 days and remove itself from the system it infected, the Times said.

Stuxnet attackers were able to get a good amount of intelligence information about Iran, according to researchers quoted in the news source. The program was also used to control equipment at the Natanz nuclear facility.

Wired's website said the new program does not self-replicate to spread and is therefore not a worm, but it is designed to look at information and gather intelligence that can later be used for a targeted attack. It employs a custom protocol to allow the infected system and a control system to communicate.