17 May 2011

Couple sues company for spying through webcam

For computer owners that own webcams, there may be people watching every move they make on the other side of the connection.

Brian and Crystal Byrd of Wyoming are suing a national rent-to-own company, claiming the company watched their every move. An employee from the company showed up at the Byrds’ house with pictures of the couple without their knowledge.

Jerod Hawk of the Amega Computer Store, told KUMV-TV that a computer does not have to be turned on to be hacked, leaving people even more vulnerable.

"When we use our computers, we want to be sure that we have antivirus software, antivirus spyware software, and that we have those automatic updates," Parrell Grossman, director of the attorney general`s Consumer Protection and Antitrust Division told KUMV-TV.

Internet security companies warn consumers about potential attacks from hackers utilizing webcams. The W32/Rbot-GR - also known as the “Peeping Tom” virus - was a major problem for Microsoft in 2004, and has since been patched. However, new versions of the Trojan are constantly being released, placing consumers in the cross hairs.